Lamar School History

In the early 1850's, a "subscription school" was conducted at Bethesda, then it became a "free school". Today Bethesda is a United Methodist Church and Lamar is a school. This was not so in the 1850's. Lamar was a Presbyterian Church and Bethesda was a school.

Bethesda School ceased to operate in 1897 and the school building was purchased by the Methodist Church in 1907.  In 1887, Lamar Presbyterian Church was organized. It was believed that the church was named after a Presbyterian minister.  In 1897, the building and land were bought by the trustees of the fourth district of Washington County Schools.  It was originally a brick building and eventually a framed addition was added.

This building burned and a two story building replaced it. Later, this building also burned and in 1932 a two story brick building was built.

This school served 1st through 12th grade with the last 12th grade class graduating from Lamar High School in 1971.  The school then became a Kindergarten through 8th grade feeder school for the newly consolidated David Crockett High School.

In 1998, a new school was completed after a two phase building project by the Washington County Board of Education. Today, this new facility continues to serve the Lamar community and its students.